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Deth Fiting Deth Fiting

Rated 0 / 5 stars


Can't believe you were 2 on...that.

Way too much stretching and some passages were sooooo long that I thought my computer was lagging.

Also the voice acting was terrible, too loud.

At least the music was good.

Blessing responds:

Do you mean 2 as in my score? Cause I agree. This is 4+ material. If you mean 2 as in 2 people, then you should know that I used music from 3 different people, and even though I animated it and wrote the script, 2 of my friends did the voice acting, making us 6 in total. That's teamwork son. I appreciate your vote of 1,000,000 stars, however due to a glitch in the Newgrounds server, 1,000,00 was cut off of the displayed score. I emailed Tom and he has promised to fix it when they upgrade the servers. I'm glad that you're a fan and I will dedicate a section of the next flash to you. As for the voice acting that's "too loud" I will take it as a compliment that the awesomeness of this flash melted your brain so badly that you forgot how to work the volume controls on your speakers. You are pwned. Bow before me.